Friday, February 11, 2005


"None can make you feel inferior without your consent"- Eleanor Roosevelt

tincture- a quality that pervades, or distinguishes; a trace or vestige eg. a tincture of condescension

Saga Rima won't walk over graves in a skirt ("always wear pants") because she fears the dead would look up it.
This is how she announced that she had a hysterectomy done: "I had my equipment taken out."

Several PD attorneys had the US constitution framed and mounted on their office walls. I've read a few sample law application statements where these kids apparently "worshipped" the constitution and have every intention of abiding by its tenets blah blah yakkity yak. Do these parties realize that they are celebrating a document that has no recognition or condemnation of slavery by its hallowed draftsmen except by stipulating that a slave is a mere three fifths of a human being? I wonder if an African American could look upon it with the same affection and respect? What other atrocities are legitimized by this document that is supposed to be the backbone of an exemplary American political culture that values liberty and equality?


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